We are Frouke and Myrthe, founders of Scootbezorgd and first we would like to tell you a story about Joke (actual Dutch name, not a joke) :




Joke started with us at the age of 48, her first job! She makes everyone laugh with her jokes and is the best person to guide new personnel. She is a real go-getter, Due to her arthritis she got rejected for jobs time after time again. At scootbezorgd she found her place.


This is one of the stories we hope to be able to tell next year The reality is that at this very moment, Joke still does not have a job.




Joke is not the only one.

1 in 8 people in the Netherlands live with some kind of disability. 80% of this group has difficulty finding work, this is about 30 soccer stadiums full of people. They get excluded and more than half of this group says to have feelings of loneliness.


Unfortunately we have more bad news for you. The Netherlands doesn`t meet the standards for the treaty for rights of people with disabilities drawn up by the United Nations.

The government is trying their best, but what can we do?




“You can remove all barriers, make all cafes and festivals accessible, but if people with disabilities have no income, they don't even come in bars or festivals,” - former Minister of Disabled Affairs




Scootbezorgd offers people for whom work is not always guaranteed a place in the heart of society. Contrary to what you are used to, our delivery drivers use a mobility scooter.




Scootbezorgd is social, inclusive and sustainable.

We build a social network in the city for deliverers and residents.

At Scootbezorgd, deliverers are given a meaningful job with the opportunity to develop. We, as an organization, do not make decisions for them, but with them.

We limit CO2 emissions with our local and electric deliveries.




We offer three local services as well as a customized service.


Now we hear what you are thinking:

Are those scooters fast enough?

How much weight can those scooters  transport?




Mobility scooters are the solution! They are quiet, fast and sustainable.

Our large models can travel at a maximum speed of 45 km per hour and have a payload of up to 80 kg.


And about the reliability of our deliverers.

It is true, people with disabilities sometimes need support.




Joke, Is my mother.

And I know with my work experience in working with people with a disability, what it takes to ensure customers can rely on a delivery with a smile.




Of course we are not the only delivery service, but we are unique in our social, inclusive and sustainable revenue model.

At least 5% of your spending goes directly to the empowerment of our deliverers.

Our profit is always invested in strengthening our return on mission.




The municipality of The Hague wants to lead the way as the most inclusive city in the world and is interested in working with us. This year we are starting a pilot.

Of course we want to grow to increase our impact. There is already interest in Arnhem as well.

And across the border people are looking for solutions for logistics and the UN treaty too.




Preferably the deliverers start today, but first we need a starting capital of at least 35,000 euros.


The jury can take us 10,000 steps further. The future is social, inclusive and sustainable! We do not see a mobility scooter as a limitation but as an opportunity.


Thank you!